WE’VE MOVED! visit our NEW and improved website at www.ugbconscious.com to stay up to date with everything mental health at Boston College!


The Undergraduate Government of Boston College (UGBC) created Be Conscious during the summer of 2014 with three purposes in mind.  First, Be Conscious seeks to connect students with existing resources on campus.  Second, Be Conscious is committed to increasing the dialogue surrounding mental health and illness on campus in hopes of reducing the stigmatization of such topics.  Through these two goals, Be Conscious seeks to ultimately create a campus that supports students, both with institutional resources and with a positive, open community.

Beginning in the Fall of 2014, UGBC will begin hosting events related to mental illness, stress, depression, home sickness, and other topics typically under-discussed by the BC community.  These events will take the form of a BC Ignites, this blog, and the “What I Be” Project. We will also continue to as post events, articles, and updates on this site.  If you have any ideas for how UGBC can improve its outreach concerning mental health, please email us at ugbconscious@gmail.com 



UGBC would like to thank The Gavel for generously allowing us to repost several articles from The Gavel’s Authentic Eagles series.  Authentic Eagles allows students and faculty members a chance to “share their genuine selves with the Boston College community,” which encourages conversation and reflection.  If you are interested in submitting a piece to the series, please visit their site here or email them at authenticeagles@gmail.com.



UGBC would like to thank Senator Alison Takahashi, A&S ’16, for creating this blog. We would like to thank Cassidy Gallegos, LSOE ’16 and Olivia Hussey, A&S ’17, for overseeing Student Initiatives’ and the Student Assembly’s mental health projects. In addition, a special thanks to the individuals who are working as part of the “Be Conscious Team” to organize all of the mental health awareness and activities on campus. If you would like to be a part of the Be Conscious Team, please email Cassidy at gallegoc@bc.edu.



This blog is meant to be an informational resource only.  The contents of the site should not be considered medical advice or service.  Please consult your doctor or a mental health professional regarding your individual health.  Boston College and the Undergraduate Government of Boston College assume no liability for any use of the contents of this site.

If you are a student at Boston College and are seeking professional services, please consider calling University Counseling Services at (617) 552-3310. Appointments can be made by calling or visiting the office in Gasson 001 during our regular office hours of Monday through Friday 8:45 AM to 4:45 PM.


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